We often take solar panels for granted. These remarkable inventions are responsible for the new sustainable energy revolution that’s sweeping through the world of energetic applications these days. Together with wind power, geothermal energy and a number of other types of energy generation methods, solar panels make up the bulk of what we call sustainable energy sources.

Solar panels are based on the photovoltaic effect, which was discovered in 1839 by Alexandre Edmond Becquerel. This remarkable effect allowed scientists to prove for the first time that electricity could be gained from sunlight.

Nevertheless, despite the sensation that photovoltaic cells caused when they were initially invented, it took another 100 years before an efficient enough application was devised for solar energy to become practically viable.

Until 1941, it was considered widely inefficient for any type of practical use. This is when, shortly after the invention of the transistor, Russel Ohl invented the solar cell and the solar energy evolution was finally starting up.talk with roofing companies in Panama City FL on how to coordinate roofing and solar installations

Even with solar cells now available, it took another 40-50 years before solar energy finally became a practical method of generating usable electricity that could power entire homes. Today, this method of generating electricity is still considered in its infancy. Nevertheless, rapid progress was made during the past few decades, allowing solar arrays to be used more efficiently and to become far more affordable than in past years.

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