Roofs should be inspected regularly, at least once a year. Any faults will be repaired immediately to ensure a maximum lifespan. Regular roof maintenance must include visual inspection, checking the accessories, the protective layer and the drainage system, as well as cleaning operations.

Performed regularly, this maintenance completed by roofing companies in Pensacola brings many benefits:

  • Increasing the roof`s lifetime, resulting in consistent savings due to reduced operation costs – A roof maintenance program along with its proper design and execution can make it twice more durable.
  • Reducing heating and cooling costs by detecting ineffective thermo insulation. Only 5% moisture content in the thermal insulation can double the energy losses through the roof system!
  • Optimizing the cost of the roof repair work – Roofers make their offers based on a pre-defined worksheet, making it easy to split the bids and include all the work required for a quality roof.
  • Avoiding potential problems due to water infiltration – Infiltrations generate unpredictable costs for repairing interior finishes, furniture and other things that have been damaged.
  • Increasing the quality of the indoor environment – Water infiltrated into the structure of a roof can cause the apparition of mold and mildew.
  • Eliminating the risk of structural degradation of the roof, caused by moisture in the the thermo-waterproofing system.

roofing companies in Pensacola preform roof maintenance services