Pensacola roofing contractors offer heat damaged roof repairs

Heat can damage your roof in more than one way, depending where it comes from.

In the case of inefficient ventilation of the roof, the volume of air underneath the cover moves very little or at all, leading to of condensation and heat build-up. Heat excess accumulates at roof level with the help of heat insulating materials, shortening the life of the shingles. The accumulated condensation in the wood mass causes permanent structural movements of the shingles, resulting in damage and water infiltrations. According to recommended Pensacola roofing contractors, these issues are major causes with a negative impact on the durability and performance of the roof.

On the other hand, if we talk about solar heat, it has a direct impact on shingles and other exterior roofing elements, causing premature wear. That is why a cool roof is ideal for people who live in areas with lots of sunny days per year; cool roofs are reflective, designed to prevent heat abortion due to their light colors and the materials they are made from. The good news is that even if replacing your existing roof with a cool system is too expensive for you to consider, these are other solutions too. One of the best is adding a roof coating on the existing material. Not only will you increase the roof`s efficiency by sealing it better, but you will also prevent the sun pro damaging your roof, considering that coatings are reflective.