Preventing your roof from leaking is extremely important in the long run. Aside from the risk that it could damage your belongings, a leaky roof can lead to structural problems with your house, and in a worst case scenario, it could even end up damaging your walls and foundation. So make sure you follow these tips to prevent any roof leaks from causing that much damage:

Check the flashing! The #1 rule in leak prevention is that most leaks are typically the result of damaged flashing. Placed in areas where water is more likely to gather and seep through the roof if given a chance, your roof flashing acts as a watertight sealant, and if it’s damaged, it can spell disaster in case of some heavy rainfall.

Detecting smaller leaks when they first start out is the surest way to prevent larger ones. For that purpose, it’s a good idea to check the attic every now and then, and to make sure that even the tiniest leaks are accounted for.

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Get trusted roofing companies in Pensacola to check on your roof more frequently than usual. If you suspect that during a storm your flashing or shingles were damaged, but you can’t find any proof, then scheduling an impromptu roof inspection might help you shed some light on the matter and possibly even discover the threat of a leak that could have ended up haunting you later on, if you hadn’t acted fast.