The roof on your building needs not only to be made from the best materials – it also needs to feature a design that matches the overall style of your home. Here are some of the most common roof plans serviced by busy roofing companies in Pensacola, and the home styles they are suitable for:

  • Flat roofs – in the past, these designs used to be encountered only on commercial and industrial buildings, but minimalist, industrial design is increasingly common for residential buildings and so are flat roofs;
  • Gable roofs – the most common roof type features two slopes that meet at the top to form a triangle. The plan is suitable for any building style, for classic and modern buildings alike and it is popular for its durability and easy installation;
  • Shed roofs – these roofs also work best on modern, minimalist buildings, especially buildings that feature large glass surfaces. Shed roofs are pitched in one direction and the single-sloping structure makes them easy to install, easy to maintain and very sturdy;
  • Hip roofs – these roofs feature multiple slopes and are among the classic roof styles, used for centuries. The design is suitable for maximizing attic and mansard space and works best for traditional buildings of all sizes.

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