Installing a roof is a complex process and it is always advisable to work with licensed specialists who can help you take into account all the technical aspect that matter.

When it comes to the type of roofing materials, they must be chosen according to these criteria:

  • The architecture of the house
  • The resistance structure of the building
  • The prevailing climate

Here are some of the most popular types of materials:

Ceramic tiles are extremely durable. A classic ceramic roof has a beautiful appearance, being especially suitable for houses built in a traditional style. The only disadvantage is the weight of this type of roof, which means that specialists must make some inspections prior to the installation, to determine whether the resistance structure can withstand this weight, or requires some reinforcement.

metal roofing Pensacola installation

Metal tiles will protect your home for decades, while you will have to do very little in terms of maintenance. A metal roof is lightweight and can be installed on an existing roof by metal roofing Pensacola installation experts. The wide range of colors makes it easy to be integrated with any building design.  The disadvantage is that it requires additional insulation to be soundproof.

Concrete tiles are even heavier than ceramic tiles, but have a particular strength. They will protect your home for several decades and the only inconvenience it that its color will fade in time, therefore you will have to consider regular maintenance operations, as well as recoating options.