Shingle roofs – and especially asphalt shingle roofing systems – can easily be affected by the weather, being damaged by storms or wind on a regular basis. However, when a sturdy, new shingle roof is damaged by a mild storm and one or more shingles are discovered to be broken or missing, you might want to consider a more serious approach than just replacing them and forgetting about the issue.roofing companies in Panama City FL

Granted, replacing the broken shingles should be at the top of your list, but there are also other options and considerations that you’ll have to take into account.

First, why would a brand new roof be affected in such a way? Secondly, is the problem deeper than you thought, or is it just at the surface level? In many cases, rust, dry rot and water damage can cause serious problems when you have an improperly installed roof without adequate coating or insulation. Also, it is possible that the roofers simply didn’t do a good enough job fastening  some (or all) of the shingles into their place, which can lead to a lot of serious problems down the line.

Your best bet is to call top roofing companies in Panama City FL at once after discovering the broken shingle(s), and have them do a quick inspection of the installation, to put your mind at ease as to whether or not the issue is more than it seems, and to take the necessary precautions and measures, if it is.