A roofing inspection performed twice a year prevents structural damage and increases the lifespan of the roof. Building owners who ignore it risk losing the right to benefit from warranties and the roof insurance, because scheduling periodic roof maintenance performed by professionals is their obligation.

A roof can have more damage than untrained eyes can see, so do not believe that a roof that looks good is automatically in good shape. A professional roof inspection will include certain general and specific operations, having the purpose to detect damage and vulnerabilities before they aggravate.

Always hire experienced roofing professionals, like those found at H.E. Roberts Roofing, to inspect your roof. The inspection will start with a complete interior roof check-up. The inspector goes into the attic and assesses the condition of the insulation, ventilation system and look for signs of moisture and mold buildup.HE Roberts Roofing

The next step is climbing the roof and checking wear and tear. The H.E. Roberts Roofing inspector will look for leaks, ice dams, the condition of materials and accessories, the pluvial system, as well as dormers, side walls and valleys in order to assess the condition of the flashing.

Once the inspection is done, the specialist will determine a course of action for fixing the potential detected problems. The building owner will receive a detailed estimate with the conclusions of the inspection as well as the recommendations.