Colorado is considered one of the most “fashion forward” states when it comes to the practical usage of renewable and sustainable energy sources. Energy generation methods such as solar power can be found throughout the state of Colorado just about everywhere, and the state has no limit when it comes to the number of users that are supported by the Colorado net metering laws.

Colorado was the first state that established a renewable portfolio standard for electrical utilities. This fact in and of itself speaks volumes about the state’s efforts in promoting renewable energy.

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Solar energy in Colorado progressed rapidly because of the state’s favorable views on sustainable energy sources, but it grew even more because of the rapid expansion of cities like Denver and Colorado Springs. Here, the construction industry has been booming for the past 3-4 years, and the cities are continuing to expand, with more and more residents and tenants opting for solar energy.

The colleges and universities throughout the state of Colorado are also big supporters of sustainable energy, and they support an education based on the promotion of renewable energy, sustainability, environmentally friendly technological solutions and the rise of advanced technology in the energetic field. When we also look at the existence of non-profits like the Solar Energy Industries Association, it’s easy to see why Colorado is such a true leader in solar energy generation.

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